Putting #volunteers at the heart of the action as we pledge to empower 100,000 women and children in the next 3 years. 

Volunteers are usually taken for granted and often seen as low members in the organization's totem pole. Our volunteers, on the other hand are involved in the decision making process and get the respect and recognition they rightfully deserve

You Too Can Be A Catalyst for Change

Together with our volunteer network in 5 cities across India, we are empowering Women both young and old to empower themselves and achieve their dreams.


$7 can buy 15 adolescent girls a months supply of sanitary napkins


$15 can feed 25 women with a nutritious meal a day


$20 from 10 of you can get a laptop for a rural school

2 gallons of Gas
A barbie Doll
1 Pizza

rajaforchange is taking baby steps towards Women Empowerment. Founded by Raja Basu with Merlyn Singh as the lead volunteer we are taking small but sure steps to promote the cause of Women Empowerment.
Inspired by his mother; Raja was determined to carry on her unfinished business of empowering women. We help the most marginalized women to pursue their dream. This dream "comes true" when they earn and save money, improve their own health and well-being and influence decisions in their home and community

We are bringing these “dreamy” stories to you with the hope that it does not remain a dream but can be turned into reality with our support



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our success stories

Raja Basu