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99.9% of Non-Profits do not have a media outlet. They have fascinating stories to tell. I will narrate these stories

Philosophy of Life

> I love myself. Hence I can love others

> I trust strangers

> I haven't found God as yet

> I Spend time on things that I love to do and with people I care about

> Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration

> Luck is about the right person at the right place at the right time

> Perfection is for robots, not humans

The Beginning.jfif
The Beginning

My inspiration has always been my mother. She used to work for a small non-profit in India that fed and clothed street children. Her work, no matter how significant, was never recognized. If more people had been aware of cause she would have received more support. 

Finding these non-profits is no easy task. The easiest way will be to talk to veterans in this sector - social activists, CEOs, fundraising consultants, board members, volunteers, fund recipients – to uncover these hidden gems.

The Dialogues

The dialogues will ask pertinent questions - What motivates people to donate? What is GenZ’s attitude towards charity? What are the major issues faced by non-profits today? How can technology offer solutions to the problems plaguing the world?

The latest dialogues can be viewed as below. The entire dialogues are available on YouTube.



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In 2019 Ignacio Estellés with the help of his friend Pablo successfully adapted a toy into an emobility device. It started as an effort to help their neighboring family with a child who suffered from cerebral palsy. To ease the parents’ physical strain Ignacio and Pablo developed the Mooevo prototype, a hoverboard that helps to easily pilot a wheelchair.

Despite taking a hit during Covid, Ignacio’s vision never faltered. Today Mooevo has been adapted to support not only wheelchairs but logistic carts that move medical equipment and later, ecommerce ventures and government services such as waste management.

The Journeys

Nestled along the lakes Bemidji and Irving in Northern Minnesota lies the beautiful city of Bemidji. I arrived there in my community bus to talk to the amazing founders at Village of Hope, a non-profit that provides temporary shelter to people experiencing homelessness.  

Village of Hope is staffed by the most wonderful, kind human beings who are fighting to counter the looming homelessness crisis in the United States. They welcome me into their office with warm smiles and easy conversation. These inspiring stalwarts of the community offer support to vulnerable families, helping them break the cycle of homelessness with dignity. 

The aim of non-profit dialogues is to feature such heartwarming stories and help underrepresented non-profits. We will help them help their communities, making the world a kinder place. 

The Journeys.jpg
Means to an end

A networking platform for Non-Profits with powerful narratives at the heart of this platform. A truly people’s platform. Based on these stories people form groups, find like-minded individuals to volunteer for causes and raise money for their favorite causes.

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Non Profit Dialogues is a one of a kind attempt to showcase extraordinary stories of courage, sacrifice and contribution to the field of charity. We are constantly looking for interesting stories to showcase to our viewers. You can schedule a interview: and  we will narrate your story

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